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BluJay’s Transportation Management is the leading global platform for shippers and logistic service providers, offering access to exclusive global trade capabilities like customs management, denied party screening, and product classification.


Our powerful Warehouse Management solution optimizes the flow of your products through the warehouse, drives down costs and increases throughput while providing you instant global visibility to all partners up and down the supply chain.


We provide denied party screening, license determination and document determination to reduce errors, lower costs and create friction-free borders with one point of interface for global compliance and customs regimes around the world.


Whether you want to add new luxury lines to your offering or larger bulky items that are difficult to store and ship, BluJay’s Commerce solution allows retailers and e-commerce companies to quickly add new suppliers and products to expand merchandising mix and eliminate out-of-stocks.


We know carriers. They are the heart of a strong transportation management system. With over 25,000 carriers on our network, you can be assured that integrating with BluJay is a fast, secure and economical way to optimize assets and gain access to an increasing market of shippers.

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August 7, 2018 in Press Releases

BluJay Acquires UK Customs Solution Provider, Grosvenor Systems

Grosvenor International Systems is a leading provider of customs management solutions in the UK and European markets
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July 16, 2018 in In The News

Adding Value to Your Supply Chain: Seven Cardinal Sins to Avoid

Companies need to come clean and eliminate common supply chain offenses to deliver the greatest value to their customers.
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A new supply chain strategy

Unlock the Power of the Network

with access to more than 40,000 universally connected partners. Supply chain management becomes a strategic competitive asset.

Transform Your Supply Chain Economics

for disruptive advantage in global trade. Fuel the top line and improve the bottom line.

Achieve Greater Velocity

of global trade. Operate at the speed of business, even in the face of dynamic market forces and fluctuations in customer demand.

See Beyond the Horizon

to optimize your future in the global economy, with true end-to-end collaborative visibility to know how, when, and why your world is changing.

We’re making a difference in supply chain global trade.

Our customers prove it

BluJay’s Transportation Management is the gift that keeps on giving. Their solution runs our transportation network while opening our eyes to additional opportunities with broad supply chain impact. We continually evolve with BluJay.

Ace HardwareDirector of Transportation

Working with BluJay to elevate our supply chain and logistics processes has not only allowed us to meet our objectives in remaining compliant with international customs, but it has enhanced visibility into our supply chain, allowing us to better serve our partners and customers. We are proud that our work with BluJay has gained us recognition as a Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100 honoree.

Lufthansa CargoWalter Isselhard, Director Implementation Management IT

BluJay’s technology and global presence have been critical in supporting our growth. We work with their teams in the U.S., Asia and Europe where BluJay’s local domain expertise has been a significant and valuable addition to the technology.

Crane WorldwideJohn Magee

Since we have every piece of information from order to delivery, we can figure out how to better serve our customers. Customers are driving the way we do business. In order to exceed their expectations, we have to go from cow to customer. We need to be able to see, manage, and measure by automating our entire transportation process using BluJay’s Transportation Management.

HoodHeidi Henderson

From the point of orders being placed, we have already saved 24 hours on order processing because it is all done in real-time. Account data is more accurate and we have better control of work in progress. Our customers have also seen a significant increase in the speed of our service.

JD WilliamsHead of Logistics

Our customers and partners in BluJay’s Global Trade Network.

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