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Bad Homburg, Germany – June 25, 2019 BluJay Solutions, a leading provider of supply chain software and services powered by the world’s first Global Trade Network, today announced that the company’s customs management software in Germany, Zabis 9.2, is officially certified on ATLAS 8.9, the software used by the German Federal Customs Administration.

“In today’s environment, customs filing requirements are changing at a faster pace than ever. Whether driven by policy or technology, anyone participating in international trade needs a partner who can help keep compliance needs current, and frictionless frontiers crossing. We are very excited to achieve ATLAS 8.9 certification and look forward to continuing to be that partner for all of our German customers,” said David Landau, Chief Product Officer at BluJay Solutions.

ATLAS (Automatisiertes Tarif- und lokales Zoll-Abwicklungssystem) is Germany’s main electronic customs system used to organize customs declarations processing including NCTS, import, NEE (subsequent recovery, reimbursement or remission for import), temporary storage, bonded warehouse, and inward processing, declarations and import levy notifications. ATLAS 8.9 is the major upgrade of the German customs system, designed to handle major compliance changes from the German Federal Customs Administration, covering XML communication with Customs, new messages, continuous support of the new format of authorizations opened in May 2019, updates of printouts, and some EU harmonization and modernization of messages with regard to format, content, and compliance validations.

“BluJay Solutions is fully committed to providing the technology to keep our customer base compliant with any changes required by customs regulations or needs introduced by the broader market,” said Katrin Voigtmann, Director Professional Services for BluJay in Germany. “We are dedicated to serving our customers with a leading market solution, which has been proven for decades and will continue to evolve to meet their needs and grow in the future.”

BluJay customers in Germany using the ATLAS-certified Zabis 9.2 customs management software will benefit immediately from the changes, with no disruption to their declarations.

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