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LSP specializing in European distribution focusing on logistics and transport deploys BluJay’s TMS to optimise planning.

Dordrecht, NL – September 5, 2017  – BluJay Solutions, a leading provider of supply chain software and services, announces that CTS GROUP has deployed BluJay’s Transportation Management System and Warehouse Management System.

Profile of CTS GROUP

CTS GROUP is a logistics service provider specializing in European distribution focusing on logistics and transport. Located near Schiphol, their operation offers a complete package: e-fulfilment, order picking, stock management, fine-mesh distribution and European groupage. 

CTS GROUP is represented in all Western European countries with its own offices or dedicated partners, with their head office in Nieuw-Vennep. 

Annual upgrades

CTS Group has been working with BluJay Solutions since being founded in 1995. Approximately 200 employees who work in the Netherlands and Belgium have been using BluJay’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Transport Management System (TMS). BluJay’s software offers new versions on a regular basis as the technology is constantly optimized. CTS GROUP carries out a major upgrade annually to enable links with applications and new functions. 

Another major upgrade carried out by CTS GROUP was the transition to version 6.4. Steven Kersbergen, Manager Logistics & ICT at CTS GROUP explains the change: “The main reason for migrating to the latest version was the use of a link with PTV Smarttour. CTS GROUP uses Smarttour in combination with BluJay’s TMS to optimise planning. “Compared to the previous versions, we notice that less and less customization is needed,” says Kersbergen. “We have built up quite a bit of internal knowledge of BluJay’s system. This enables us to easily build documents and queries ourselves. So we link a lot of functionalities to BluJay’s solution. With every update of BluJay, we notice that more functionalities are added to the standard, which eliminates the need for customisation. This saves us a lot of time, of course. A major additional advantage of this is that BluJay continues to develop these functionalities, from which we will benefit again later on”. 

Data communication increasingly important

CTS GROUP works with more than 450 partners throughout Europe to handle goods via network distribution, making it essential that information can be exchanged with these partners in a correct and fast manner. Data communication is becoming increasingly important for CTS GROUP and BluJay’s strong focus on the development of software in this area fits CTS’ needs.

Testing for the live-course

BluJay takes care of the migration of its software while CTS GROUP is responsible for the testing phase. “We invest a lot of time in testing before an upgrade goes live. It may just be that an adjustment has taken place, causing an obstacle somewhere else in the process. These are things that we always have to test well,” says Kersbergen. If an upgrade is implemented, CTS GROUP takes a month for the test phase. Everyone’s cooperation is requested and a group of twelve key users tests whether everything works in different departments during this period. “With the most recent upgrade to version 6.4 we were live within three weeks without any problems,” says Kersbergen. 

Transparent and open to feedback

“BluJay is very transparent and is always open to feedback,” says Kersbergen. “Over the past year, we have been present at a TMS and WMS day, organized by BluJay. During these events, customers were informed and asked what the most important points for improvement were. This feedback is then actually used to do something. We very much appreciate BluJay’s attitude in this regard”. Kersbergen indicates that CTS GROUP still has enough plans for the future, including automation, digitisation and robotisation.


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