How we deliver and delight

BluJay Way - it's in our DNA

Secret sauce. A signature style. Je ne sais quoi. Whatever you call it – here we call it the BluJay Way, and it equals value for you.

The BluJay Way is our unique blend of philosophy, culture, and the services we provide to get you where you want to go. Talk with our customers and you will hear a resounding theme: the way we partner is with a commitment to strong, strategic, and long-lasting relationships. Why? Your success is our goal. That means continually meeting your goals, with a long-term view to generate increasing value with our data, network, and applications – year over year.



BluJay is results-oriented, and that orientation starts with our customers’ results. We are committed to delivering solutions that are easy to use and effective in creating the results you need to be successful in your operations. The better adoption you have, the more value you gain over time. We come alongside you on the journey, providing guidance on getting the most out of your solutions. Our focus is on helping you achieve the results and long-term value required to power a high-performance, frictionless supply chain.

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The customer is at the heart of what we do every day at BluJay. We strive for excellence and are driven to help you achieve your goals. This requires being passionate, open, respectful, innovative, responsive, collaborative, and resourceful. The BluJay personality embraces these values, with a growth mindset and high-energy, positive attitude. We aim to bring this approach to every customer interaction. Our diverse global team is ONE team whose goal is your success.

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Our services are designed to help you get the most value from our data, network, and applications – from day one to year after year. When you engage with BluJay, we start by defining what success looks like and then implement the plan to get there. Your journey to success may involve Professional Services, Managed Services, Cloud Services, Training, or some combination of these, but one thing is constant – our approach, rooted in superior collaboration. BluJay’s team is built to collaborate from implementation to ongoing support, to maximize your investment and deliver a better solution and experience.

Connected dots

Managed Services


Managed Transportation (LaaS)

So you’re interested in our transportation management system, that’s great! Do you have a team of experts ready to run this fantastic solution?...

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When a project is called an “event,” you know it must be a big deal. Lots of people and logistics are involved in an event. There is planning, ...

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Cloud Services

A frictionless supply chain requires speed, security, and agility in a global economy. Deploy your powerful BluJay application in the cloud, and you gain a serious advantage. Beyond the benefits of streamlined implementation, lower risk, faster ROI, and affordable scalability, you can focus on running and managing your business instead of software infrastructure.

BluJay Cloud Services offers a high-availability, redundant, resilient, and secure solution to meet your needs. With global scale including data centers on all major continents, our services are architected with no single points of failure and every component within our compute stack is redundant. We provide a dedicated system for safeguarding your business-critical data, 24×7. The choice of more than 35,000 users around the world, BluJay Cloud Services helps you run and grow your business with confidence.

Professional Services

You’re in good hands with BluJay’s Professional Services team. More than 400 of them! We’re staffed with highly skilled and experienced people who know supply chain and logistics. They’ve implemented hundreds of projects with BluJay’s proven, low-risk methodology. This means your solution is deployed safely, ontime, and on-budget. BluJay guides the joint project team through a successful implementation by defining the goals, planning the timeline, determining deliverables for each phase of the project, and managing collaboratively to achieve the milestones on the path to successful project completion.

Whether we’re doing the heavy lifting, finessing the finer points, or high-fiving your team at the end, you can be confident that BluJay is hands-on, alongside you every step of the way.


Customer Support

Your business depends on seamless supply chain execution. When you need support for operation-critical solutions, it must be available, responsive ...

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BluJay University

BluJay creates software that is user-friendly and easy to navigate, but it’s also robust in functionality. You might be saying, “I don’t want...

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