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As we all continue to navigate changing times, BluJay is here to lend a helping hand – whether you are looking for new information, solutions that can help your business, or simply want to reach out to one of our subject matter experts.

You’ve hopefully seen one of our Outer Branch videos by now – from the series covering all types of supply chain topics. In the episode, “Potty Training and BluJay’s SpotLight,” Bryant Smith, Global Product Manager, talks about SpotLight, a new tool within Transportation Management that leverages network data to help users make better routing decisions and find load coverage. You’ll have to watch to find out more about the other half of the episode title. 

BluJay is excited to offer this valuable functionality within the TMS. This episode covers how SpotLight:

  • Leverages data to make better routing decisions
  • Provides the ability to compare rates
  • Helps shippers make routing decisions based on available capacity
  • Allows shippers to move loads with carriers not only in their network but also in their region 
  • Provides visibility to keep products moving during the pandemic 

For the full explanation, watch Bryant break down SpotLight in the Outer Branch video episode.

Need more tips on how to come out of the curve ahead? Explore our Outer Branch channel or reach out to one of our experts.

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