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The UK political shenanigans continue at a pace when it comes to Brexit.

Prime Ministers change, Parliament introduces No-Deal blocking law, Parliament is Prorogued, The Supreme Court says the Prorogation is illegal and effectively the Queen has been misled – “one is not amused!!” More twists and turns than an Agatha Christie novel!

So where is business now? Still waiting for some kind of clarity is still the order of the day. UK Government is going full steam ahead in publicising the “fact” that the UK is due to leave the EU on the 31st October 2019…they are even using motorway signs to warn truck drivers that their freight documents “may change” and that they need to prepare.

However, law now exists that requires Boris Johnson to request an extension to the 31 October. He has put forward a “deal” that means Northern Ireland remains in the Single Market for some things, but is outside of the Customs Union. Certain EU Member States have said that this is not a deal they can agree with.

So, an extension it is then….but wait — some are saying Member States like Hungary might veto the extension (have they made a deal with Boris, or are they just plain fed up with us in the UK?? – all 27 states have to agree…) so, enter No Deal stage left!

If the deal cannot be done, and an extension is agreed, the likelihood is that the UK will hold a general election… try and get to a point where some agreement can be reached in Parliament. The Conservatives are the party of Brexit, the Liberal Democrats are the party of remain, and Labour is the party of…something, not quite sure what, probably a peoples vote…….and in the wings we have the Brexit Party…..what price a Nigel Farage government in the UK?

All in all, we are no further forward.

The reality for business of preparing for the worst is, and must still be, the order of the day!

Lorenzo Rossetti is Business Product Owner, overseeing Customs solutions in the UK for BluJay. He has spent his entire career in the UK customs world, including 17 years as Customs Development Director for Grosvenor International, now a BluJay Solutions company. Lorenzo can be reached at +44 (0)1689 818000.

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