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North American Distributor and Manufacturer Entrusts BluJay with its Transportation Management, Expands Relationship with Seamless Go-Live

Holland, Mich. – June 7, 2017 – BluJay Solutions, a leading provider of supply chain software and services powered by the world’s first Global Trade Network (GTN), today announced ACH Food Companies has selected its Logistics as a Services (LaaS) offering. The North American distributor and manufacturer of baking ingredients and products is now tapping BluJay’s expertise to optimize transportation management, effortlessly scale to meet customer and industry demands, and reduce freight costs.

ACH Food Companies, known for household brands such as Fleischmann’s® Yeast and Mazola® Corn Oil, has been successfully utilizing BluJay’s Transportation Management for two years. The single instance, multi-tenant, cloud-based platform has provided ACH Food Companies with advanced functionality and the connectivity benefits of BluJay’s pre-integrated network of more than 40,000 carriers and partners up and down the supply chain. ACH Foods has five distribution centers, 750 customers, and nearly 300 suppliers across the U.S. and Canada.

„BluJay’s TMS technology delivered immediate value in helping us manage transportation logistics processes, but what has impressed us just as much, if not more, is its exceptional team,“ said Matt Kransberger, Director, Logistics and Customer Service for ACH Food Companies. „It became clear early on that BluJay Solutions is much more than a technology company; the deep domain knowledge and dedication of its people make the difference.“

Operating in an industry where customers are putting greater pressure on the supply chain in an effort to increase their margins, ACH Food Companies recognized that it needed greater flexibility to address market demands as well as an avenue for wringing out operational efficiencies. „It was a strategic and logical next step to take advantage of BluJay’s LaaS. The company has been a proven, trusted partner for us. We have confidence in BluJay’s unique ability to help us meet our goals and deliver world-class service to our customers, while we focus on our core competencies,“ added Kransberger.

With a project timeline of less than 10 weeks, ACH’s LaaS go-live was seamless, and stabilized within the first week of the cutover.

Through BluJay’s LaaS, ACH Food Companies will be able to derive even greater value from BluJay’s technology and the GTN. According to Kransberger, „We had a hard time getting our arms wrapped around data analytics and KPI reporting. Now, leveraging BluJay’s embedded analytics as part of the managed service [LaaS], we can drive better decision making, and adapt on the fly. At the same time, BluJay’s GTN gives us a benchmarking opportunity; we gain insight into what others are doing to change the game. We’ll be able to prioritize, drive efficiencies, and fine-tune our logistics management to achieve better performance.“

„We are seeing increased demand for our Logistics as a Service (LaaS) offering, as organizations seek to optimize transportation management and balance the cost/service equation,“ said Tim Hinson, COO of BluJay Solutions. „We are truly honored for the partnership we have with ACH Foods, and appreciate the opportunity to expand our relationship from providing transportation management software to Logistics as a Service. We will leverage our $2+ billion LaaS network along with our supply chain expertise to deliver sustainable supply chain results for ACH. We look forward to this next chapter in our collaboration with ACH Food Companies.“

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