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When we set out to redefine our company we discussed a number of things we wanted in the name. First, it needed to be global. We needed a name that was easy to say in every corner of the world and didn’t have an off-color meaning in different languages or countries (we ran into some of those!). Second, we wanted a name that was unique to our industry. And finally, we wanted a name that conveyed freedom, open skies, unlimited potential and reaching new heights. We wanted a name for all of those metaphors so we could better convey the power of the world’s first Global Trade Network.


It was quite a process to choose the right name, and throughout all of the research and hours of brainstorming and conversation to find the words to best describe „us,“ I couldn’t help but think about a kid I knew growing up, in the Mayfair section of Philadelphia where everyone had a nickname. His name was Fatman. I don’t even remember his real name because no one called him by it. He had created his own personal brand, and it was legendary.


On one Spring day in the late 70s, when Andy Gibb and Rod Stewart ruled the AM airwaves, Fatman announced to the neighborhood that he was going to jump over the creek with his Huffy bike. It was the 70s and Evel Knievel was the man. Word spread quickly „Fatman is jumping the creek with his bike at 3!“. With no iPhones in those days word of mouth was literally…word of mouth.


I thought to myself „There’s no way Fatman makes it. The creek is too wide. He’s going to crash right into the side.“ As an aspiring Evel Knievel myself I knew a thing or two about jumping with bikes. I had the broken bones and concussions to prove it. At the top of the hill Fatman stopped and struck an Evel pose before his final run. He rolled his front tire over the edge of the hill and came screaming down the hill. He looked out of control but he maintained his speed. He hit the jump and soared across the creek in a perfect arc.


I would love to have a picture of all of the 8 to 15 year old faces present at that very moment. Everyone having that memory etched into their brains for the rest of their lives. It was a great story to this point but when Fatman hit the other side of the creek, bounced and crashed over the handle bars a cheer went up like none other. He made it! It was the stuff of legends, never to be forgotten by anyone that was there. Fatman jumped the creek and the whole neighborhood celebrated. We all felt part of his success that day.


Fatman Solutions didn’t work for us (it was already taken by a legendary 1970s daredevil), instead we chose BluJay Solutions. Our Global Trade Network will take our customers to new heights. We want to share our customer stories of success because we view that as our measure of success. Great stories make a name stick. While these stories may not have the nail-biting trait of Fatman’s adventure, we hope our customer stories of soaring performance will be memorable and offer inspiration for supply chain executives around the world.


BluJay Solutions, Soaring (just like Fatman) Performance.

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