Why have you rebranded?

Our company has been known for different products and solutions in different areas of the world. Depending upon the region or country, the awareness of Kewill or LeanLogistics may be limited to a single product, category, or previously acquired business. For many years, we have also operated as independent businesses. However, over the past year-plus, leadership has directed significant changes to begin operating as one global company – different, better, and stronger. The rebrand is a culmination of that effort. Honoring our history and the strengths of our past, we look forward as one company, one team, with one vision. We are reintroducing ourselves under a new unified brand to tell the world our story about forging the future with BluJay’s transformative Global Trade Network.


What is the story behind the name BluJay Solutions?

The blue jay is bold and unmistakable, known for intelligence and adaptability – characteristics of our solutions. For the market, the name BluJay is fresh, unique, and unlike our competition. Blue jays are also steady in flight—a symbol for flying above the noise and complexity of our world, which is how we help customers achieve soaring performance.


What should the market know about BluJay Solutions?

BluJay Solutions delivers supply chain software and services to the world’s most progressive retailers, wholesalers, distributors, freight forwarders, manufacturers, and logistics service providers. We are transforming the logistics of supply chain with the BluJay Global Trade Network. With BluJay, companies unlock the power of more than 40,000 universally connected partners to achieve greater trade velocity, transform their supply chain economics for disruptive advantage, and see beyond the horizon to optimize their future in the global economy.


How does the new brand contribute to the company’s vision?

We believe that future success in global trade requires transforming to a new strategy that moves companies from a traditional siloed, linear, functionally optimized supply chain logistics model to a modern, global trade network model. BluJay launches forward with one vision under a new unified brand, building on the foundation of the Global Trade Network (GTN). This fundamentally new model goes beyond automation to harness the full power of the global supply chain ecosystem. BluJay’s Global Trade Network ecosystem spans 40,000 members worldwide – including shippers, carriers, forwarders, suppliers, and 3PLs – making it the largest collaborative supply chain network in the world. At the heart of this powerful network is BluJay’s comprehensive and integrated portfolio of logistics applications, analytics, and services, all delivered through a scalable, single instance multi-tenant cloud. When companies transform to this model, they can unlock the power of the Global Trade Network, transform their economics, achieve greater velocity, and see beyond the horizon.


Is the rebrand part of a restructuring or any other changes?

No. While we have undergone a lot of change in the past year-plus to begin to operate as one company, the rebrand is a culmination of that effort, not part of any other changes.


Are your products and services changing?

No. We are committed to the same product platform, and excited to launch our solutions as part of the Global Trade Network ecosystem, which is unlike anything else in the marketplace and gives customers access to more than 40,000 supply chain partners.


Will product names change?

Yes. The rebrand provides an opportunity to strategically change our product names to align with the brand and vision for the future. We are committed to our solution platform within the Global Trade Network (GTN) ecosystem. Our products have been grouped into five core product families by functionality, listed here with the new flagship product names:

  • Transportation GTN: Transportation Management, Transportation Management for Forwarders
  • Warehouse GTN: Warehouse Management
  • Compliance GTN: Customs Management
  • Commerce GTN: Commerce
  • Network GTN: Control Tower, MessageBroker


This naming convention provides a clearer presentation of the solutions we offer to address and solve supply chain challenges. We will communicate further about our products and solutions in the coming weeks, including mapping the former product names to the new names for our existing customers.


Practical Matters for Customers, Partners, Vendors, Suppliers

What does this mean for me as a customer?

Day-to-day, there are no changes for you. We are committed to our product platform and to you, our 7,500 customers spanning over 100 countries – as well as to growing our customer base. With access to more than 40,000 shippers, carriers, forwarders, suppliers, and 3PLs, we expect you to benefit positively as we help you optimize your future in the Global Trade Network.


Are there any changes to existing agreements?

No. We are informing customers, partners, suppliers, and vendors of our new company name as of March 6. As available, we will provide official legal documentation reflecting the name change upon request. No other changes are expected due to the company name change.


Did customers have input into the rebranding process?

Yes. The first phase of our rebranding was research. Customers and employees were engaged in focus groups and interviews as part of the process. This valuable feedback and insight weighed heavily into the strategy and is reflected in our brand platform.


What changes are happening on March 6?

Our company name, website, and emails will change on March 6. Social media properties are merged or updated to reflect the new brand. You will also notice a completely new look for our advertising, marketing, signage, and materials for Support Services, Professional Services, and Training.


Which updates or changes will take longer to implement?

A rebrand is a multi-faceted process, with hundreds of items to consider and prioritize. Some changes have been initiated but take longer to complete, while others are scheduled for a post-launch phase. Examples of updates that will take longer to implement include: branding within our software, updating some of our systems, and translating materials into additional languages. The legal process of changing our name is in progress, but the timelines for completion vary by country; we will provide the necessary notifications to customers, partners, suppliers, vendors, and authorities, as the process is completed.


Has contact information changed? Do you have a new website address?

Phone numbers and addresses remain the same. The former Kewill and LeanLogistics websites will automatically redirect to the new website,, upon launch. At the same time, our email addresses will change, to end in the new domain,

The format will remain the same: Any emails you send to old addresses ( and will automatically redirect to the new email, however, we ask that you please update your records for contacts you have at Kewill and/or LeanLogistics to reflect the change to

About the Company

What can you share about BluJay’s performance and financial position?

Our financial performance is confidential, however we can share that the company saw record revenue growth of 30% in the first six months of our financial year ending September 30, 2016, following Kewill’s May 2016 acquisition of LeanLogistics. During the period, the company had double-digit growth on a like-for-like basis, and the solid recurring revenue base grew by over 10 percent as 59 new customers were added to the platform. The company has been consistently profitable for 20 consecutive quarters.


How does Francisco Partners’ ownership impact BluJay Solutions?

Francisco Partners acquired the company in July 2012 when it was Kewill, taking it from public to private. The company has since completed two strategic acquisitions, strengthening its leadership position in the marketplace. Francisco Partners has invested and will continue to invest in BluJay to make it a world-class company.


What market segments or geography are you targeting?

BluJay has 7,500 customers in more than 100 countries around the world, concentrated in EMEA, North America, and APAC, where we are focused on selling our solutions.


What else can you tell me about BluJay?

We have a heritage of innovation, introducing the first Global Trade Network with more than 40,000 members, after 40+ years of history in the supply chain industry. BluJay is a top-10 global supply chain technology provider. With our solutions, 1.9 billion transportation transactions are processed and 4.5 billion boxes shipped annually. BluJay has nearly $17 billion in freight spend flowing through the Transportation portion of our Global Trade Network alone. Our freight-forwarding network includes 6,500 members in 189 countries. BluJay has over 1,000 motivated employees across the world, 20 percent of whom have 15+ years of experience with the company. BluJay has a demonstrated commitment to customer success.


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