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Last week at the Gartner Supply Chain Conference in London, I had the opportunity to host a roundtable. In the session, we had people from all over Europe from a variety of different industries: retail, industrial manufacturing, packaging, food/beverage, and cosmetics. The topic was Managing Global Operations.

The first step was reviewing the challenges they faced. Each participant, on a sticky note, wrote the top issues they were facing on a single piece of paper. With the varied backgrounds of each of the participants, one would think the challenges would be vastly different. But they were not. They were remarkably similar. In fact, only one issue came up with every participant…

The goggles, they do nothing.

Apparently, nobody can see. After spending millions on visibility solutions over the past decade…the goggles, they do nothing. Every participant said one of their top challenges was supply chain visibility. They described the following:

  1. Customers have become accustomed to B2C e-commerce solutions and their ability to track orders in real time. They now want it with their own B2B shipments. They want their vendors to provide real-time, proactive milestone updates. Where is my stuff right now?
  2. The growth of third party logistics (3PL) providers has made this challenge more difficult. Customers don’t care about your problems. They want visibility through your entire supply chain…even when third parties are involved. How do I connect my partners and provide seamless visibility?
  3. Delivery tracking and confirmation. Each of our participants wanted to better tailor their delivery process to improve not only traceability, but also the customer experience. Again, we are seeing the advances being made in B2C e-commerce seep into the needs of B2B customers.

Visibility is difficult, but not impossible

I wasn’t hosting the roundtable to sell the participants on BluJay, so we didn’t really discuss BluJay’s approach to visibility in any depth. But visibility is a core tenant of the Global Trade Network. How do we do it?

  • The Network – One of the best reasons to join the 40,000+ strong BluJay network is the instant connection you make to the vendors already on it. That one decision will get you connected to most of your partners out of the gate.
  • On-boarding Prowess – Adding new vendors or partners is quick, easy and low cost. Our ability to onboard new vendors whether they are carriers, shippers, 3PLs or brokers is the reason we have the industry’s largest global trade network.
  • Mobile Connectivity – Our MobileSTAR solution brings the missing link to real time visibility and delivery perfection. MobileSTAR connects your distribution network to your delivery vehicles (your vehicles, 3rd parties or crowd sourced carriers) and provides a flexible workflow engine to tailor your delivery process to match the brand experience you desire.

Joining our Global Trade Network is like wearing your very own supply chain Seeing Stone.

Visibility across your supply chain will surface the monsters you can’t see.


Patrick Maley is CMO of BluJay Solutions, with over 20 years of experience in the enterprise software market, helping companies create and deliver strategies to improve customer satisfaction and fuel growth.

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