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We are back with another Customer Spotlight, and this time we are shining the light on humedica, an international nongovernmental organization (NGO) that provides humanitarian assistance centered around disaster deployment.

Founded in 1979, humedica has delivered humanitarian aid to more than 90 countries around the world. The organization strives to help people who have suffered from structural poverty or disasters. It is also involved in relief supply assistance, family sponsorships, and long-term projects of development cooperation.

In humedica’s line of work, it requires goods to be moved through third-party countries, but moving these goods comes with its own set of challenges. Country-specific customs guidelines and initiatives have made electronic customs processing both increasingly difficult and time-consuming. In each country, the organization must adhere to various policies on electronic customs processing. Constraints such as these, have made it hard for humedica to increase the number of goods they need to move across borders.

In need of a solution to bring both ease and flexibility to their workload, humedica looked to BluJay Solutions’ Customs Management with the customs warehouse administration module.

Provided complimentary with installation and on-site training, BluJay’s modular SaaS solution allows multiple sites to be managed from one virtual warehouse using multi-level inventory management. Additionally, multiple currencies, time zones and languages are supported within it. Features such as these are necessary for an internationally active organization such as humedica.

With BluJay’s Customs Management solution, humedica applied for the status of authorized consignor while setting up its customs warehouse, enabling them to bypass time- and cost-intensive customs clearance while going in and out of third-party countries. The organization was also allowed to import and store goods from these countries without customs clearance, permitting them to deliver goods rapidly to crisis locations outside the EU.

For example, one of humedica’s recent aid efforts involved delivering goods via a relief flight from Allgäu Airport in Memmingen, Germany, to Hargaisa, Somaliland. On board the plane were 18 tons of therapeutic nutrition and medical drugs and equipment to help with the famine crisis occurring in the East African region. Using BluJay’s software for customs clearance, their team was able to successfully deliver all goods to Somaliland.

As a result of implementing BluJay’s Customs Management solution, humedica has been able to streamline its processes and accelerate the movement of goods around the world; and all at a significant cost savings. With BluJay, humedica has a partner by their side who knows international customs procedures and logistics processes. People in need of aid all over the world can be cared for better and sooner.

Photo credit: humedica

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