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Competing in the Consumer Packaged Goods market means dealing with a high velocity supply chain that is prone to whipsaw demand curves. Who likes whipsaws? Nobody. Except perhaps whipsaw manufacturers and lumberjacks…but whipsaw demand curves are a real challenge to navigate in the supply chain. The unpredictability of the CPG market requires supply chain managers to deal with last minute changes to transportation plans. It means the potential for deadheading and inefficient use of assets on one side of the curve, and severe supply constraints and the inability to get your product delivered on the other side.

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The BluJay Global Trade Network will help you master the whipsaw curve and ride it like an A-frame on the North Shore. It provides real-time visibility so you can see what is coming, and access to 40,000 partners so you can better manage the highs and lows of the CPG demand curves. Lower your costs and serve your customers better with the industry's largest global trade network. Our Global Trade Network offers CPG companies the following solutions to help them gain competitive advantage.

Transportation Management for Shippers

BluJay's cloud-based Transportation Management is the leading SaaS p...

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Maintain control and visibility of shipments as they move throughout...

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Warehouse Management

Get instant global visibility to all partners up and down the supply...

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Customs Management

Enter customs information in the same format, no matter the destinat...

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Compliance Solutions

Proactive compliance with immediate exceptions visibility through Bl...

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