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Profit margins are shrinking for big box retailers, but customer demands have only increased. Delivery speed and cost are defining factors for the customer, giving smaller, more nimble players the edge. In the omnichannel age, is it possible for big box retailers to turn the tables? The answer is a resounding yes.

Go big or go home, as they say. BluJay’s Global Trade Network is your ticket to going big. Manage goods across the largest integrated network for more agility in your supply chain. Wring out operational inefficiencies across processes – which means you can grow business without increasing resources. Adapt workflow processes to respond quickly to changing market forces and customer demand. And real-time data analytics – imagine what you can do with that! Identify high-demand products, make better decisions, and respond swiftly to exceptions and disruptions.

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Take your big-box retail supply chain beyond the square

Solutions crafted for your industry.

If it seems like we have it figured out for you, it's because we do. The solution, that is. Watch your performance soar right out of the box with BluJay. Our Global Trade Network offers the following solutions to make over your retail supply chain.

Transportation Management for Shippers

BluJay's cloud-based Transportation Management is the leading SaaS p...

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Maintain control and visibility of shipments as they move throughout...

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Warehouse Management

Get instant global visibility to all partners up and down the supply...

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Customs Management

Enter customs information in the same format, no matter the destinat...

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Compliance Solutions

Proactive compliance with immediate exceptions visibility through Bl...

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We’re making a difference in trade supply

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