Fashion Retailers

Seamless Supply Chain Execution is Everything

She aspires to be flexible, fast, and lean. Who is she, you ask? Your retail fashion supply chain. At BluJay, we have helped many companies like yours stand out from the crowd, with impeccable style, season after season. We understand you face the pressures of managing seasonal fluctuations, consumer demands and preferences, trends, reverse logistics…the list goes on. When your supply chain is in order, you can deliver your best performance and most consistent customer experience.

Here’s how things work when you partner with BluJay: First, determine your supply chain priorities. Second, leave the rest to us. Reducing time to market? Lowering end-to-end cost of goods sold? Improving supply chain visibility? Integrating online and retail channels? We’ve got you covered. It’s like having a personal stylist for your supply chain. And did we mention the world’s largest integrated Global Trade Network?

You’ve heard the phrase, “life is short, buy the shoes,” haven’t you? Don’t wait – give us a call today.



Visibility across the entire transportation network


Return on investment within 6-9 months


Real-time data through one single SaaS solution


Continuous improvements and cost savings

Unlock The Power Of The GTN

Gain access to 40,000+ suppliers, carriers, brokers and customs regimes to create an incredibly agile retail supply chain.

Transform your Economics

Boost the top line by providing better access to global markets and lower your cost structure with advanced optimization and universal connectivity.

Achieve Greater Velocity

Everything happens faster on the GTN: on-boarding, new processes, new markets and real time analytics.

See Beyond the Horizon

Global visibility and analytics to help you make better and more informed decisions.