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Two months into post-Brexit life, and businesses across Britain are still dealing with confusion and new hurdles. The combination of complicated procedures, health and safety checks, and value-added taxes on imports, are causing time-consuming, commerce-limiting hindrances.

To help, BluJay is continuing to deliver content to help your business navigate the chaos, specifically with our “Coffee Break Brexit” (CBB) webinar series. 

The series contains 12 episodes with BluJay’s subject matter experts, who provide insight on the latest developments and offer advice for businesses currently navigating the new normal, including how to leverage technology to alleviate friction.

In this edition of CBB, “Low Value Good – Customs Declarations,” BluJay’s Stefan Tarneberg, Director, Solution Consulting, details how to simplify VAT obligations, Low Value Consignment declarations, and an overall process review. 

Advantages of the One Stop Shop – simplifying VAT obligations

  • Register for VAT electronically in one single Member State for all eligible sales of goods
  • Work with tax administration of the Member State in which they are registered for the OSS

Low Value Consignment (LVC) declarations – who is impacted?

  • The counties impacted
  • For goods up to 150 EUR
  • IOSS

 Process review

  • IOSS in Germany
  • Duty payment in Germany
  • Distribution to Consumers in EU

For the full breakdown and tips from Stefan, watch the 15-minute video here.

In the meantime, stay ahead of the curve and visit our Brexit corner, where you can find all of our Coffee Break Brexit videos and useful links to help you stay updated on all things Brexit.

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