Contactless management of yard check-in/out and dock door assignment for your distribution facility

Automated end-to-end contactless solution for driver and yard operations

Every day, it happens. Trucks parked in the wrong places creating gridlock in the yard. Drivers wandering on the dock looking for instructions. Or even worse, your staff wasting time looking to load a driver who was “just here a minute ago.” Now add in social distancing and dock security issues. There must be a better way.

Fortunately, there is a way to command such chaos. Imagine this: Drivers arrive at your gate, check in via the Gatehouse contactless kiosk tablet, in their choice of languages. The intuitive touchscreen app asks a few questions, and then operations users instruct the driver where to park and what to do. The process flow is easy for drivers to follow, and when it is their turn to be loaded, they are notified via text to proceed to the proper door. This is BluJay’s Gatehouse, and easy-to-deploy solution  that gives you visibility to yard activity while eliminating inefficient manual processes, yard congestion, and unnecessary person-to-person contact using a contactless workflow.

The dock operations staff manages the process execution from the Dock Manager version of the app. Dock operators may validate trailer condition, and act if needed, then load the trailer. When finished, the driver is advised that loading is complete, and instructed where to pick up any paperwork and to check out of the facility. At each milestone, the TMS is updated with data for arrival, in door, loading start, loading end, and checkout times.

The Gatehouse dashboard provides visibility to all your yard activity, which drivers are checked in, their current location, and load or unload status. The driver and dock user experience is based on BluJay’s high-efficiency UI/UX design philosophy or HELIX, making the complex task of coordinating drivers, yard spots, and dock doors easy and straightforward.

Gatehouse is a SaaS application seamlessly coupled to TMS for shippers via modern API architecture for real-time communication, allowing users in the TMS to manage appointment scheduling, monitor appointment compliance, and view achieved milestones updated from Gatehouse.

Make the dream a reality and bring order to the yard.

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