Real-time visibility puts your customer in the driver's seat

MobileSTAR Driver App delivers seamless dispatcher-driver communication

Your customers’ hunger for visibility is insatiable, and your operations team is overwhelmed, unable to get information from the drivers and update the system fast enough. Sound familiar? You need a solution providing real-time status and location updates from the truck to the TMS and your customer in an instant!

The MobileSTAR Driver App is purpose-built to keep information flowing and keep everyone in the loop by providing seamless dispatcher-driver communications. The driver app is completely integrated with BluJay’s Transportation Management for Shippers, using modern API technology to deliver a robust data payload and provide instant information availability for your operations staff and customers.

The impact is remarkable; paper instructions, phone calls with drivers, and operational uncertainty are history! With the MobileSTAR Driver App, your communication problems are solved. Dispatch information can be sent to the driver with a click of a mouse. In turn the driver can confirm the instructions and get on the road ASAP, reducing wasted time spent at the facility. Turn-by-turn navigation keeps drivers on the proper path. When the driver is in the field, location tracking and status updates are automatically updated in the TMS in real-time. Additionally, proof of deliveries, OS&D details including images, and dynamic ETAs for the drivers’ upcoming stops are sent to the TMS as well.

Customers checking the TMS for information are delighted as real-time information is always available. The dispatcher and operations group have the proper time to plan and strategize as customer and driver phone calls are reduced dramatically. The result is better driver and vehicle utilization, increased efficiency, and complete visibility that amazes – and satisfies – your customers.

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truck driver using cell phone and tablet at the same time

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