Advanced Vehicle Routing and Scheduling increases efficiency, utilization, and customer satisfaction for your final-mile operations

MobileSTAR VRS first and final mile optimization platform

Does doing more with less seem to be your new normal? As an operations leader you have many challenges: increased shipment volume, cost mitigation, and your customers’ ever-increasing expectations for delivery performance. Maximizing operational efficiency and capacity utilization to meet these challenges requires innovative tools you may not even have.

Map out a plan to take command of optimizing the final mile with MobileSTAR Vehicle Routing and Scheduling (VRS). This automated shipment allocation and route optimization platform for first, middle, and final-mile operations is purpose built to automate your planning, loading and routing processes; increase driver-vehicle utilization; and improve on-time delivery performance. MobileSTAR VRS considers all the variables to create the optimal plan, from shipment constraints and available equipment types, to traffic patterns and dynamic ETAs from the drivers in the field – all continuously analyzed by the system. Ad-hoc shipments are scheduled with ease with real-time route optimization allowing users complete control to manage delivery performance and the ability to make real-time adjustments when needed.

The easy-to-use dispatch planning and visibility dashboard supports operations of any size, from a small local fleet to a nationwide multi-terminal operation. In an instant, the dashboard provides visibility from a global view of your operation to a single driver. Dynamically calculated available vehicle capacity and predictive ETAs generate alerts before service failures occur, allowing your team time to shift capacity or re-route deliveries to meet customer commitments.

Included with MobileSTAR VRS is Driver App, providing direct driver dispatch, turn-by-turn navigation, real-time shipment status updates, vehicle location visibility, POD signature capture and more. Training and diver access is easy with availability for  iOS and Android devices. And when you need to scale, it’s easy to deploy a BYOD (bring your own device) approach to your operation, further reducing cost over outdated proprietary hardware solutions.

The MobileSTAR VRS SaaS platform is fully integrated with BluJay’s Transportation Management solution and easily integrates with other ERP/OMS systems via modern open API technology. VRS offers reporting and analytics to measure performance to plan and drive continuous improvement, along with available integrations to BluIQ by BluJay to bring your analytics visibility to the next level.

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