Control Tower


BluJay’s Control Tower is a visibility and event management solution that connects your supply chains end-to-end, providing a complete view of goods under shipment globally for all modes of transportation. Integrated with BluJay’s Global Trade Network (GTN) platform of applications, Control Tower provides process automation and collaboration between all supply chain partners on a single platform. BluJay’s Control Tower gives you full visibility over critical shipment data by exchanging information with your own IT systems, and those of your partners, keeping you in control and allowing you to focus on your customers and your business.



  • ▶ Automated alerts
  • ▶ Proactively identifies potential problems and issues alerts to ensure KPIs stay on track
  • ▶ Centralized management of key customer SLAs
  • ▶ End-to-end shipment tracking for all transportation modes
  • ▶ Self-service access for customers and partners
  • ▶ Customizable reporting
  • ▶ Customer portal
  • ▶ Order management system (Commerce GTN)
  • ▶ Online booking


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