Denied Party Screening


Take control over your company’s export compliance screening processes by proactively managing risks for your trading partners, transactions, and other party relationships. With BluJay’s Denied Party Screening (DPS), part of Compliance GTN, organizations’ compliance screening strategies no longer require agreeing to unmitigated “acceptable levels of risk.” Rather, the strategy is optimized to provide maximum corporate compliance and due diligence with minimal resource impact.



  • ▶ Manages your export compliance risk for trading partners, transactions, and other party relationships
  • ▶ Smart ScreeningTM screens everything, every time, without repeating “false positive” failures
  • ▶ Automation ensures your Export Management Compliance Program (EMCP) is enforced
  • ▶ Imposes industry-recognized “best practice” of automated compliance screening
  • ▶ Email alerts and automated screening responses provide immediate visibility to compliance issues
  • ▶ Complete history of all of your screening activity shows proof of due diligence
  • ▶ Fast and easy implementation – nothing to install, with easy web-based integration, so you are up and running quickly
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