Warehouse Management


BluJay Solutions’ Warehouse Management is an out-of-the-box, easy-to-use warehouse management system (WMS) that goes much further than simply showing you the level of stock in your warehouses. This integrated solution offers a seamless experience for managing order flow through the warehouse. By providing real-time access to accurate stock information and reporting, Warehouse Management enables you to always know exactly what stock is available and where it is located for onward distribution.



  • ▶ Warehouse management
  • ▶ Cross docking
  • ▶ Bonded warehousing Cross Dock and TMS integrated with the WMS
  • ▶ Available integration with BluJay’s Yard Management application
  • ▶ Pick and pack
  • ▶ Cycle counting
  • ▶ Automatic replenishment
  • ▶ Quarantining
  • ▶ Carrier connectivity
  • ▶ Customs connectivity
  • ▶ Easy integration with other business systems and RF/Material Handling Equipment (MHE)
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