Better And Stronger Together

The Global Trade Network

Strength in numbers comes in different forms. In supply chain, it’s all about your network. We understand how important your supply chain partners are to you. Creating a network of customers, suppliers, carriers, and other partners is essential to competing in the global economy.

BluJay’s Global Trade Network (GTN) is a network of networks that helps our customers connect and collaborate across their supply chains. Growing continually with 50,000 participants worldwide, the GTN is your advantage – easy access to a network of partners that help you optimize workflow and the movement of goods to better serve customers.

When you join the Global Trade Network, you amplify your own network. You become part of an ecosystem of thousands of the world’s top shippers, carriers, service providers, suppliers, brokers, and forwarders. Together, BluJay customers in this powerful network move more than $40 billion in commerce, process 1.9 billion transportation transactions, and clear over 58 million electronic customs declarations each year.

What can this kind of strength in numbers do for your organization?

Reduce supply chain friction in a way that is not possible alone. Join us, and start realizing greater efficiency, visibility, and savings to delight customers.

Connected World

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