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Going to Market?

This shipper went to market. That shipper did too. This shipper called BluJay.

When a project is called an “event,” you know it must be a big deal. Lots of people and logistics are involved in an event. There is planning, preparing, doing. Now think of an event that goes on for weeks, and might even happen twice a year. Music festival? Good guess. You could say that for shippers, a procurement event is like a music festival. You must design the program, audition the players, choose a final line-up, coordinate the contracts and hundreds of other logistical details before you sit back and enjoy the show.

Fortunately, BluJay’s Procurement solution was designed to help these events go off without a hitch, so shippers can go to market with confidence in a smooth, coordinated process.

Procurement is an effective, easy-to-use tool to improve the productivity and output from a transportation RFP event, that helps transportation and sourcing leaders drive time and cost savings. We can orchestrate a solution based on your needs – your team, our team, or a combination can direct the event for a result that is music to your ears.

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