Logistics as a Service (LaaS)


BluJay Solutions is a market leader in logistics services. Our Logistics as a Service (LaaS) team is fully staffed with logistics coordinators, analysts, managers, and supply chain engineers. Leveraging the power of Transportation Management technology and our revolutionary Global Trade Network, the team can analyze transportation benchmark information for tactical and strategic planning. Companies looking to cost-effectively move products, meet service levels, and satisfy customers without the burden of staffing the resources in-house can gain the benefit of an experienced team, agile bandwidth, and efficient freight movement with BluJay’s LaaS solution. On average, LaaS customers save between two and 10 percent in transportation spend.



  • Gain a competitive advantage with effective transportation management
  • Ensure continuous supply chain improvement through visibility, expertise, and innovation
  • Create a flexible, scalable transportation solution that supports company growth
  • Maintain control of carrier relationships and rates while outsourcing transportation
  • Benefit from an experienced team without investing in hiring, education, and training
  • Take advantage of global TMS solution and network that enables a centralized or decentralized team structure
  • Shift organizational focus from tactical to strategic transportation management
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