MessageBroker Solutions


Today’s fast-paced business environment is challenging-no matter the industry. To remain competitive, organizations realize that automating integration technologies, such as EDI, is essential for survival and crucial to both revenue generation and cost savings. BluJay’s Network GTN solutions simplify e-commerce by seamlessly connecting organizations with trading partners, which allows for better organizational efficiency and information integrity, and provides a future-proof platform that adapts as your business grows. The BluJay Global Trade Network is the largest in the world, creating a powerful network that delivers the benefits of universal connectivity among its 40,000+ participants.



  • MessageBroker handles all bespoke and proprietary formats and all types of messaging standards including “any-to-any” conversion:
    • ANSI X12
    • GS1 XML
    • SAP IDoc
    • Proprietary XML
    • Flat file
    • CSV
  • The POWER of ANY: BluJay connects ANY system using ANY protocol with ANY file format
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