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During unprecedented times, the logistics industry comes under immense pressure. In recent times, many retailers have needed to temporarily close their physical stores. Some are faced with the prospect of scaling down their retail operations for the time being, whilst others have moved onto eCommerce platforms to continue trading. For retailers that are part of a wider trade network, their carrier capacity and other supply chain resources could be leveraged by other parties, thus lessening the financial strain.

This is a time when retailers can lean on established supplier networks and, even beyond their system, the supply chain knowledge of their providers to get up and running efficiently.

During this webinar you will learn the ways to not only survive but thrive amid disruption.
• Build agility into systems to scale operations
• Accommodate changes in inventory stocking
• Adjust to new consumer buying patterns
• Utilise category partners
• De-risk fulfilment
• Navigate out of a crisis

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