Thumb TransportationModeling


Shippers using BluJay’s Transportation Management application need the ability to quickly and easily evaluate the efficiency of their transportation planning policies. BluJay’s Transportation Modeling module, built in collaboration with LLamasoft®, was designed with ease of use and a streamlined value identification workflow in mind. Transportation Modeling quickly quantifies cost-saving opportunities by considering (but not limited to) mode conversion (TL vs. IM), consolidation, number of stops, truckload asset capacity, and date flexibility on both pick or drop.

Solution at a Glance

  • Analytics that allow for justification of transportation policy change
  • Ability to conduct what-if scenarios
  • Empowering end-users to conduct powerful modeling exercises that identify service improvement and cost reduction opportunities
  • Simplification of historically complex modeling exercises
  • Baseline and optimized baseline scenario analysis generation
  • Pre-configured scenarios for ease of use and speed to value
  • Ability to create additional custom Transportation Modeling scenarios
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