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The first month of Brexit has not been normal for trading. Between delays and customs declarations, the entire supply chain is adjusting to new realities.

To help, BluJay is continuing to deliver content to help your business navigate the chaos, specifically with our “Coffee Break Brexit” (CBB) webinar series. 

The series contains 12 episodes with BluJay’s subject matter experts, who provide insight on the latest developments and offer advice for businesses currently navigating the new normal, including how to leverage technology to alleviate friction.

In this edition of CBB, “Ring Side Seats – Northern Ireland,” BluJay’s Paul Carroll, General Manager, Customs UK, details Northern Ireland’s status, new processes, trailer support service, and CDS readiness. 

New processes laid bare:

  • Export from the UK to Northern Ireland
  • Inbound at the NI Border
  • Outbound at the NI Border

TSS unlocked

  • Free service HM Gov is paying
  • Covers all Northern Ireland movements
  • APIs

CDS readiness

  • Detail the moving parts of the troubled existence so far
  • 95% of all the traffic through CDS is done through BluJay’s software
  • Problems with the infrastructure

For the full breakdown and tips from Paul, watch the 15-minute video here.

In the meantime, stay ahead of the curve and visit our Brexit corner, where you can find all of our Coffee Break Brexit videos and useful links to help you stay updated on all things Brexit.

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