Soaring Performance Awards 2018

BluJay Solutions is committed to helping our customers achieve soaring performance with our technology solutions and services. We recognize our customers are the best innovators, teachers, and change agents—they are our greatest inspiration.  With BluJay Solutions as the foundation, our customers are taking their supply chains to new heights. The Soaring Performance Awards celebrate and honor their achievements.

Nominations open now through April 16, 2018.

Award Categories

The End-Customer Experience Award

This award recognizes the supply chain team who has demonstrably impacted their end-customer’s experience through innovative use of technology.

Global Trade Network Award

This award recognizes a shipper who has achieved targeted outcomes through collaborative relationships with carriers, others shippers, suppliers and/or partners in BluJay’s Global Trade Network.

How Blu Are You?

Are you transforming your supply chain by leveraging more of what BluJay has to offer? This award recognizes the customer who drives measurable business improvement and excellence through the use of BluJay’s technology, network, and/or services – your own organization and/or together with supply chain partners in the BluJay network.

LaaS Soaring Performance Award

BluJay will honor outstanding achievement and partnership in Logistics as a Service in this first-ever award category, recognizing the LaaS customer demonstrating supply chain excellence through strategic practices and application.


Our annual Soaring Performance awards recognize outstanding customer achievements. Winners will be honored at SOAR, our global customer conference. They will receive two complimentary conference registrations and a beautiful trophy commemorating their achievement. In addition, your company will be featured on BluJay’s website and marketing. We measure our success by yours!

Review Committee

We have an esteemed panel of reviewers who will be selecting our winners from the submitted nominations. Details on the reviewers will be released soon.

Submitting a Nomination

Submissions consist of a written summary describing your company’s supply chain innovation/results that highlight and detail your organization’s achievements made possible by utilizing our technology and services.

Apply Today

If your supply chain team has achieved remarkable results in customer experience, business improvement, collaboration and better outcomes through the network, or creative use of technology, we want to hear about it! Nominate your company for a Soaring Performance award. It will take less than 15 minutes of your time (even less if you’re a fast typer). You’ll be asked to give a brief summary of your achievement, how our solution helped you achieve it, who on your team deserves a shout-out, and how you measured success. Easy, right?

Click here to submit a nomination!Click here to submit a nomination!