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Wouldn’t it be a dream to have an offering fit for a queen, where out-of-stocks were no more, and a wide, lovely range of products was hers for the ordering? Well, it can be yours, and hers, with access to BluJay’s Global Trade Network (GTN) and our DropShip solution in the Commerce GTN.

For retailers and e-commerce companies, BluJay’s DropShip solution offers a near-instant way to add new suppliers and products to eliminate out-of-stocks and extend your range of products. And with BluJay’s drop shipping functionality, you can do it all without adding a dime or storage space to your inventory.

Imagine the possibilities! Your brand is consistent regardless of where the goods originate in the direct dispatch model. No more worries about obsolete stock. Cash flow improves. Manual processes are eliminated. Whether you want to add new luxury lines to your offering or larger bulky items that are difficult to store and ship, you can do it all with BluJay.

Once you connect to DropShip, the process is automated from top to bottom, including the integration to our market-leading Parcel solution for an end-to-end commerce experience with increased visibility among all partners. Plus, you’ll deliver a better customer experience by managing expectations, with real-time delivery notices and revised dispatch updates. It’s all part of the BluJay Global Trade Network, which means you also get access to market-leading transportation, warehouse, customs and compliance solutions too.

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