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MessageBroker is available to our Commerce customers as a hosted enterprise integration and translation solution. The MessageBroker EDI/B2B solution is used to exchange essential business information with trading partners including customers and suppliers, to form a truly collaborative enterprise solution.

MessageBroker EDI/B2B gives businesses the ability to connect, convert, and control ANY data in ANY format through ANY communication channel. This allows you to maximize business opportunities and minimize the costs associated with electronic transaction processing.

Seamlessly integrate with partners, delivering communication, transformation and partner management service with the power of ANY. Using standard or proprietary message formats, MessageBroker EDI/B2B connects ANY system to ANY system and ANY business to ANY business. Say that three times fast!

  • Connect to any external system or partner, so there is no need to implement and maintain B2B communications software or manage contracts with third parties to exchange files with partners.
  • Convert data to any standard or proprietary format, with complete translation services for all major international implementations of EDI and XML data standards, as well as proprietary formats using a powerful “any to any” data transformation engine and comprehensive mapping tools.
  • Control your data through events and alerts management without the overhead of analyzing or managing the data internally

And there’s one more important C: Collaborate with your business partners by sharing management information and reporting via the MessageBroker Viewer, working with whatever format data suits them best, of course.


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MessageBroker Web

Everyone wants to be invited to the data party. Be the host with the most with MessageBroker Web, the solution that enables you to provide access to electronic data for trading partners, including suppliers, who don’t have the facility to trade via EDI. This frictionless option removes even more manual process and adds value to your electronic trading platform.

MessageBroker Web is a simple, fully modular, web-based solution that enables straightforward electronic trading with all suppliers and trading partners. MessageBroker Web is suitable for any organization that needs to trade electronically with multiple trading partners. The system can be used by trading partners of all sizes – from the smallest of suppliers with minimal systems knowledge, to the largest, who may already be using many other systems. It can be deployed to a wide range of suppliers in a matter of days. Suppliers do not need to use EDI if this is beyond their IT capabilities, helping ensure a swift roll-out.

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MessageBroker for Insurance

Personal lines insurance is serious business. And when you’re responsible for transmitting important policy and claims data, accuracy, security, and compliance are paramount. Who’s got you covered?

BluJay’s MessageBroker for Insurance. This managed and hosted service handles the transmission of policy and claims data to and from brokers, either directly or via broker software houses. In addition, MessageBroker manages the conversion of the data from the standard Polaris EDI formats to the internal formats required by the underwriters’ and managing agents’ policy administration solutions and vice versa.

Our domain expertise in the financial services sector is unique.

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