Denied Party Screening, License Determination and Document Determination

Proactive Compliance

Denied Party Screening: The Best of Both Worlds
The world we live in is increasingly fragmented, and the regulator is an all too familiar bogeyman. Must we suffer this uncertainty? With BluJay Denied Party Screening, you can sleep worry-free…at least when it comes to banishing that bogeyman. Denied Party Screening is a web-based international export compliance software comprising of both transactional and proactive screening. Manual updating and screening of government list changes are so passé. With Denied Party Screening our system updates automatically. It provides you with immediate visibility into potential compliance conflicts and effectively prevents any costly missteps. Don’t take our word for it. Let us prove it today!

License Determination Headaches? We Have the Cure.
We all know that licenses are a necessary evil and with the growing complexity of global trade and product codes, it’s difficult to know which goods require license in which countries. Just thinking about searching manually for license requirements in local and foreign government as well as agencies can give anyone a headache. Not to mention the nightmare of keeping track of updating licenses once obtained. With BluJay License Determination, worry no more! Our proprietary systems will ensure that no matter what type of product, you’ll always be in the know with regard to compliance.

Click Your Way to Faster Export and Import
Gone are the days of manually checking through endless seams of registers, laws, and bylaws for even the smallest of transactions. We live in the digital era. With BluJay’s Document Determination, filling in your trade documents will be a breeze. All you need to do is fill in relevant details like your business type, and the product for import and export. The necessary document templates are pulled from our central database, filled in with the details you provided, and ready for execution! Sounds impossible, right? Well, it’s not. With the right software, you can live worry-free…at least when it comes to compliance risk.

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