As Simple as Trading Stocks

Customs Management in One Solution

Ever wondered what it would be like if making customs declarations were as simple as trading stocks on the stock exchange? Look no further. BluJay’s Customs Management is a unique multi-country customs management software which is similar to a stock exchange. Customs Management allows you to enter your customs information in the same format and interface regardless of its ultimate destination, while receiving notifications from customs authorities electronically.

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Visibility across the entire transportation network


Return on investment within 6-9 months


Real-time data through one single SaaS solution


Continuous improvements and cost savings

Our ability to quickly integrate BluJay’s software with our system has resulted in significant efficiency and quality gains which directly benefit our customers, our business users of the system and ultimately the bottom line for National Instruments.

IT Section Manager National Instruments March 5, 2017

Unlock the Power of the BluJay Global Trade Network

Customs Management is one of the key components of the BluJay Global Trade Network. Customs Management works hand-in-hand with Compliance Management. Compliance risk? No longer a problem with fully automated real-time screening.

Transform your Economics

Transform your supply chain from just a cost center to a competitive advantage. With Customs Management, a quick time-to-value implementation will enhance your business with unparalleled visibility and productivity.

Customs Management interfaces directly with a dedicated network of local customs applications designed, developed, and maintained in country by local experts. It can be integrated with your financial and operational systems to create a truly seamless process.

Achieve Greater Velocity

Choosing the right customs management software will give you the same rush as being first at the finish line. Compliant with a destination country’s import requirements? Do you need complete visibility to both internal and external customers? How about instant on demand or scheduled reporting? You can have it all with Customs Management.

See Beyond the Horizon

Everyone knows that demand for goods and services is seasonal and highly volatile just like stocks on the exchange. That is something no one has control over. However, choosing a versatile customs management solution that enables you to handle these peaks and troughs is in your hands.