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If you’re an SAP customer, BluJay now offers customs and compliance solutions integrated with SAP. With our recent acquisition of Germany-based CSF Solutions, we have combined our deep customs knowledge with advanced SAP workflow for more efficient customs processing. Never leave the comfort of your SAP workspace with the following BluJay solutions:

BluJay Customs and Compliance Solutions ship with shipping containers

SAP Customs Processing

  • Support for procedures like “ATLAS” and “EMCS” along with Swiss Customs process “EDEC”
  • Processes can be configured to match the desired workflow with direct editing in SAP. Additional extensions are available (e.g. ATLAS/AES Addon for export authorizations, ATLAS/AES-Cockpit for documentation coding – EZT Online can provide additional process security)
  • Automated printing of shipping and customs documents. Forms can be printed with an existing export declaration or invoice. The supported form types are A.TR, EUR.1, Originating product, and CMR.
  • Communication – The ATLAS/AES Message Exchange (ATLS MX) integrates directly with the SAP® ERP-System. It is no longer necessary to use integration platforms such as SAP® Business Connector, Seeburger® BIS or SAP® XI / PI for exchanging ATLAS/AES-Messages.

Goods Origin and Preference

Automate the process of determining a product’s originating status, ensure compliance regarding preferential agreement, and enable special customs tariffs to be applied to goods.

Export Control

Keep compliance risks low and business processes in line with regulation. The complexity of managing export authorization duties is handled by BluJay.

  • The SAP® base component “Legal control in foreign trading” ensures you are complying with international trade laws and regulations. BluJay’s Export Control helps ensure SAP has the most current information on laws, regulations, classifications, and control master.
  • Connected to SAP’s maintenance system, BluJay provides a proactive system for finding and resolving errors in the material masters. “Bulk change” features allows you to efficiently make mass changes across the system.
  • Denied Party Screening – fully integrated, user-friendly solution screens global sanctions list at all relevant steps in the supply chain

Value Added Tax

BluJay makes the verification service VAT-ID-Checker for SAP®-Systems quick and easy by utilizing both the Federal Central Tax Office’s (DE) interfaces as well as the EU-Commission (MIAS).

  • VAT-ID Checker – provides supporting documentation to ensure compliance with VAT Tax Law
  • EU-Monitor – quick and easy solution for exchanging entry certificates within the European Union. Provides burden-of-proof support and documentation to ensure tax-free deliveries within the EU.

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