Full-featured Yard Management solution delivers visibility and efficiency to your yard

Complete the connection between your TMS and WMS with Yard Management

Remember playing in the yard as a kid? Coming together with friends, connecting over a game, and going on your way with a smile. Life was simple then! Today, it’s more complex. But in logistics, the yard is still a key connection point, and running it smoothly makes for happy shippers and carriers, plus a more efficient supply chain.

Whether you need facility security, process improvement, visibility, agility, throughput, cost reduction, or all of the above – BluJay’s Yard Management is here to deliver value.

From gate-in to gate-out

Yard Management executes the end-to-end core processes required for optimal yard operations. It starts with gate in/out duties performed at a kiosk or via driver mobile app, both following the same automated process to communicate with the driver, gather information, and deliver the proper instructions. Operations users have real-time visibility to freight and equipment in the yard, making informed decisions quickly and accurately now that manual processes, yard checks, and driver searches have been removed. BluJay’s Yard Management delivers instant execution, with a drag-and-drop yard interface – move a trailer from a yard location to a door, and the movement job is automatically created and delivered to the yard jockey. As process milestones are achieved, communications are sent to the driver and are now visible in the TMS.

Connecting the dots of supply chain visibility

Additional visibility tools in the BluJay YMS provide many perspectives, from appointment scheduling to yard parking locations, multi-facility shuttling, and carrier asset inventory listing of spotted equipment by carrier. Carriers also have visibility to their equipment status and location in the yard via their YMS portal. Reporting and KPIs keep you on the continuous improvement path by analyzing key metrics. Carrier dwell time in the yard, appointment compliance, idle dock labor, and reduction of detention charges are just the beginning of what can be examined to increase efficiency and cost reduction.

Bring the carriers to your yard

Can a YMS bring additional capacity in times where capacity is hard to find? You bet! Carriers consider many things when they choose to haul freight. The ability to load or unload quickly is top-of-mind in their selection process. A YMS reduces driver dwell time at your facility saving valuable driver hours for the carrier. Drivers are happy as they enjoy an efficient process at your facility, and the positive experience provided by the YMS can help make you a shipper-of-choice for carriers.

BluJay’s Yard Management is a SaaS application seamlessly coupled to Transportation Management for Shippers, LSPs, and the MobileSTAR Driver App via modern open API architecture for real-time communication, allowing users in the TMS complete visibility to manage appointment scheduling, monitor appointment compliance, and view achieved milestones updated from YMS.

Ask us for a demo to see how the YMS can make these key connections for your supply chain logistics.

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