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Carriers gonna carry. That’s the way of the world, and we love our carrier network. So keep calm and carrier on. Being connected to the BluJay Global Trade Network enables you to optimize assets and gain access to an increasing market of shippers.

We know carriers. They are the heart of a strong transportation management system. With over 25,000 carriers on our network, you can be assured that integrating with BluJay is fast, secure and economical. BluJay’s Carrier EDI Integration takes connectivity up a notch with electronic, automated data exchange that cuts manual work and boosts productivity for carriers working with shippers in the BluJay network. Goodbye “my people will call your people,” hello streamlined tendering, updates, and invoicing with an integration that enables carrier systems to speak (data) directly to the TMS.

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Want to take connectivity to the next level?  Accelerate your relationships with BluJay shippers by leveraging our Dynamic Rating and SpotMarket integrations.  These APIs give you the distinct ability to digitally receive and respond to shipment rate requests – matching your capacity and market rates with shipments that need coverage.  A win/win for you and your shipper clients.

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Carry on even further with BluData solutions and training:

  • BluDex rate index – the actionable intelligence solution that provides a benchmark for market rates
  • Freight Market Index subscription – understand how your performance compares relative to industry standards across an elaborate and unique set of transportation KPIs
  • Carrier training via BluJay University – learn how to maximize the BluJay network and technology to your advantage

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