Put Your Customer in the Driver's Seat

Bringing flexibility and power to mobile operations

We know expectations are high. Your customers expect you to bring cutting edge operations to support their business. That means delivering across all modes at the lowest possible cost while improving service levels. In other words, walking a logistical tightrope. And of course, you need to be able to change and adapt your services to help them compete. An increasingly big part of this equation is mobility. Providing real time tracking, driver management, and configurable workflow is now table stakes to compete in this market. It’s a good thing BluJay developed MobileSTAR to help you not only compete at this level, but also change the game and create new value and workflow capabilities to help you and your customer’s brand create world class customer experiences at the lowest possible cost.

Purpose-built for operators in mind, MobileSTAR brings the following capabilities to your operations:

  • Flexible routing and tracking at the package, pallet, container or order level
  • The ability to capture photos and signatures to minimize claims and improve the customer experience
  • Track and manage driver progress in real time and ensure compliance
  • Optimized routing and turn-by-turn navigation to lower costs and fuel use
  • Configurable workflow with no code changes to adapt to customer requirements and needs
  • Track events and milestones under the roof for end to end tracking

We designed MobileSTAR with the following attributes

  • Ease of use – The UI and workflow creator make getting drivers and operations up to speed quickly with minimal training
  • Integration – The MobileSTAR standard API is based on a RESTful design, making heavy use of the well-defined HTTP protocol to provide a scalable web service.
  • Any device – MobileSTAR works with iOS and Android which makes training and access that much easier. And when you need to scale, it’s easy to deploy a BYOD (bring your own device) approach to your operation.
  • MobileSTAR also supports rugged devices with built in scanners for high volume operations
  • A simple pricing model built to scale with your business and needs

Join the thousands of users who use MobileSTAR every day to delight their customers.

Using MobileStar on mobile device.

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