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My first fleet was a box full of cars and trucks I received when I was 8. I had total control over my fleet. I controlled their movement with great precision. That is until my little brother George started sneaking away with my fleet one at a time. At the time I thought “I need a Fleet Management solution. Something that will allow me to track my vehicles and their movements. I need a real-time map view of my vehicles at all times so I can control my costs and protect my assets. Damn you, George!” It would be almost 30 years before I could realize my dream. No matter-I lost focus and George plundered my entire fleet.

BluJay’s Fleet Management is a software solution for shippers with private and dedicated fleets. It offers dynamic planning of daily fleet activity, manages driver regulations, and automates driver assignments and shipment scheduling. Shippers can plan and execute their fleet and contract carriers on one work platform in a single workflow on any device. It also offers a wide-variety of analytics reporting to better measure and report on fleet performance. Once connected to BluJay’s Transportation Management, users can obtain near real-time benchmark information on a variety of indicators that impact the bottom line. Bring it on George.

With Fleet Management:

  • Optimize daily planning and execution of assets
  • Gain visibility into vehicle routes and related costs
  • Improve the utilization and productivity of assets
  • Visibility to empty distance and the associated costs
  • Interactive map for visualization of driver locations
  • Visibility to driver and asset availability
  • Reporting capabilities and key performance indicators
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