Parcel Solution Improves Speed and Reliability

We ship billions of parcels every year.

Parcel shipments are growing like a weed. This madness cannot be stopped. Consumers have the expectation they should be able to order a dozen ping pong balls for $4.89 and have them delivered in 2 days for Uncle Jeb’s ping pong tournament. Uncle Jeb will not be denied. But neither will our customers because BluJay’s Parcel solution is the world’s leading platform for managing absolutely all of your parcel needs.

Our Parcel solution can help you save Uncle Jeb’s legendary party. And Uncle Jeb will love you back. It’s used by thousands of companies every day to automate mission-critical processes for parcel and LTL shipping – to lower cost, improve speed and reliability.

Parcel is an enterprise-class multi-carrier shipping management system that supports complex, high volume, multi-locational, international and domestic shipping. It was designed from the ground-up to support black box or attended ship stations in complex distribution environments. The demonstrated scalability of our platform is second to none. We ship billions (billions with a ‘b’) of parcels every year.

Benefits of BluJay’s Parcel solution

  • Maintain control and visibility of shipments as they move throughout your global supply chain
  • Provide more cost-effective and more reliable shipping to international customers
  • Enforce corporate shipping policies and rates across multiple locations
  • Streamline workflow by integrating shipping solution with existing material handling systems and host applications
  • Reduce cost of the global supply chain with international origin shipping within one centralized solution
  • Minimize risk of international shipments with global trade compliance features


Parcel Track & Trace 

Global parcel shipping volumes are forecast to reach 200 billion by 2025 – more than double the volume of 2018. That’s a lot of parcels! In other obvious news, keeping track of those packages is critical to shippers and well… part and parcel to delivering a positive customer experience. BluJay’s Parcel Track & Trace module allows users and supply chain partners to track, report on, and see the history of parcels for increased efficiency and visibility. The module provides data including last update, tracking numbers, carrier, milestone status, expected delivery and more. Users can proactively notify customers of delays, as well as track on-time performance.

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