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BluJay’s Transportation Management is the leading platform for shippers managing their own freight across all modes of transportation around the globe.

Here are three indisputable facts:

Our TMS is one of the industry’s first single instance multi-tenant, cloud-based platforms. Launched in 1999, this head start has allowed us to give our customers a competitive advantage with enhanced functionality, deployment models, and a comprehensive, pre-integrated network of supply chain partners.

We are connected to 50,000 carriers and partners up and down the supply chain. That’s the largest network in the world.

BluJay can run the TMS platform on your behalf. Our Managed Transportation Service is a fully-staffed team ready to deliver maximum productivity and performance in managing freight on your behalf.

With over $18 billion in freight moving through BluJay’s Transportation Management platform each year, it’s no wonder users benefit from insights to benchmarking, actionable intelligence, and innovation that saves money, time, and helps better serve customers.

Supplier Portal

Gain more control and visibility to payment for inbound freight with BluJay’s Supplier Portal. Users can create and consolidate orders directly in the portal, which works seamlessly with BluJay’s Transportation Management platform, eliminating the need to integrate with an external source. Planners have visibility in a single place. The result is a win-win for suppliers and shippers to increase efficiency and streamline the order creation process.

Yard Management

Our cloud-based Yard Management connects the dots on your global chain. You remember connecting the dots as a kid, right? Eagerly working across the dots with your nub of a pencil to find out what magical drawing you were creating, only to have your hopes crushed by a sickly sea turtle that looked like a walrus. Well, this time it’s different. We are not going to crush your dreams. We are going to give you a full picture of where your shipments are anywhere in the supply chain, including the yard. Yard Management will help you efficiently manage and optimally direct trailers in the yard as an extension of your warehouse to help ensure consistent and strong performance.

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