Who's in My Yard?

Connecting dots for a clear picture.

“With hours of service rules and a worsening driver shortage depressing the total number of hours trucks are on the road at any given point, it becomes even more critical for shippers to find time savings from elsewhere in their supply chains. Boosting throughput using a Yard Management means trucks are spending more minutes with their wheels turning.”
Source: Gartner Market Guide for Yard Management 2016

As a core component of the BluJay Global Trade Network, our cloud-based Yard Management connects the dots on your global chain. You remember connecting the dots as a kid, right? Eagerly working across the dots with your nub of a pencil to find out what magical drawing you were creating, only to have your hopes crushed by a sickly sea turtle that looked like a walrus. Well, this time it’s different. We are not going to crush your dreams. We are going to give you a full picture of where your shipments are anywhere in the supply chain, including the yard.

Yard Management will help you efficiently manage and optimally direct trailers in the yard as an extension of your warehouse to ensure consistent and strong performance.

Blujay Yard Management TEMP IMAGE

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Visibility across the entire transportation network



Return on investment within 6-9 months

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Real Time

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