Logistics Management reports how the United States must begin preparing for a new normal in its relationship with the UK and the EU. That is to say, U.S. shippers will soon be dealing with each as two separate entities when it comes to trade policy, relationship-building and logistics process.

As we edge closer to a prospective resolution to the Brexit saga, many UK ports are actually gearing up for an increase in business with the United States in the future.

“The expectation and administrative burden placed on logistics providers and carriers has never been higher,” says Paul Carroll, General Manager of UK Customs at supply chain software provider BluJay Solutions. “Traditional EU buyers and sellers who have little to no customs knowledge or infrastructure are now looking to their supply chain and distribution partners to leverage dispatch and shipment data to discharge these new border formalities.”

Read the full story with more commentary from BluJay’s Carroll and Michiel de Neef, at Logistics Management.