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January 1 has come and gone, and Brexit is officially upon us. By now, many of you are feeling the effects of the new rules that change how the UK and EU will work, live, and trade.

At BluJay, we understand how stressful the process and particularly the past month has been, which is why we have been serving up content to help your organisation prepare. One such example is our “Coffee Break Brexit” (CBB) webinar series. 

The series contains 12 episodes with BluJay’s subject matter experts, who provide insight on the latest developments and offer advice for businesses currently navigating the new normal, including how to leverage technology to alleviate friction.

In this edition of CBB, “Trading with our Nearest Neighbours,” BluJay’s Director, Solution Consulting, Stefan Tarneberg, details the importance of simplified procedures, capabilities of the UK leg, and your customs obligations. 

The importance of simplified procedures

  • Free trade agreement 
  • Border controls – specifically agriculture and food industries
  • Declaration process
  • Documentation for goods coming in and out of UK

The capabilities of not only the UK leg, but also who is doing what in the EU leg

  • How Ireland, Germany, and other neighbouring countries are being affected by trading
  • The different trade ports 
  • Temporary storage facilities 
  • How to trade with your neighbouring community

Your customs obligations

  • Streamline your documentation
  • Verify HS codes
  • Importer and exporter responsibilities in trade and customs

For the full breakdown and tips from Stefan, watch the 15-minute video here.

In the meantime, stay calm amidst the chaos and visit our Brexit corner, where you can find all of our Coffee Break Brexit videos and useful links to help you stay updated on all things Brexit.

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