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Logistics Service Providers have special talents. Really. Managing multiple modes of transport, in multiple languages, currencies, and time zones, for multiple customers…every day…is intense. Yet LSPs keep the logistics world moving along, delivering with the speed, accuracy, and transparency that their customers require.

How do they do it? The LSPs that do it best rely on technology to manage and integrate the processes that drive their logistics operations.

BluJay’s Transportation Management for LSPs – part of the LSP Platform – is designed to support the core business processes that connect your entire logistics operation. With extensive integration possibilities – from accounting to cross-dock, warehouse, yard management, compliance, and mobility; to customers, suppliers and third-party systems – the solution is deployed to suit an organization’s needs.

The result is a flexible, scalable, common platform with centralized data that increases efficiency and enhances customer service. Let those LSP talents shine with the Transportation Management solution built to adapt and grow with your business.

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