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Dordrecht, NL – 8 November 2018 BluJay Solutions, a leading provider of supply chain software and services powered by the world’s first Global Trade Network, has successfully migrated 20 Dutch companies to its newest customs software system, BluJay’s Customs Management. The seamless, on-time migration helps companies by ensuring their technology is connected to the Dutch Customs Maritime Single Window (MSW), the only system they can use as of March 31 this year to send electronic notifications for customs processes; ‘Entering, Exiting and Provincing’ for customs and the Royal Marechaussee/harbour police. BluJay’s SaaS Customs Management software replaces a now-outdated system used previously by customers in the Netherlands.

All sectors in today’s economy are undergoing technological changes and the transport sector is no exception. Maritime transport companies, for example, are faced with many legal reporting requirements on the arrival and departure of ships, which results in a heavy administrative burden. A simplified and digitised reporting procedure, such as the Single Window for maritime and air, greatly reduces this administrative burden, as reports are better coordinated and brought together. This means that data can be shared and reused more efficiently – a reason why Dutch customs made this system compulsory for air, sea and rail transport.

The migration
Migrating to the BluJay Customs Management solution was a logical choice for many customers, with the SaaS solution submitting declarations electronically and having the right Single Window notification system format, while returning messages electronically received and processed by one and the same system. BluJay’s platform makes processes easier and more efficient for businesses, and specialists around the world keep the SaaS solution up to date, for a future-proof Customs Management that helps customers easily meet global customs declaration requirements, and seamlessly enter new markets.

“Connecting to Single Window requires the necessary hours, expertise and improvisational talent from BluJay and DB Cargo. But the result turned out great,” says Wessel Sijl, Customs Manager at DB Cargo. “The handling of export declarations for rail transport is now very fast, almost failure-proof, and fully up to date. This makes it a good investment for the future, especially as more customs systems are rolled out in the Netherlands in line with the Customs legislation of the Union.”

“We are proud to have been able to smoothly migrate 20 Dutch customers to the Customs Management solution,” says Katrin Voigtmann, Director Professional Services at BluJay Solutions. “Because we have been working with these companies for a long time, we are familiar with the systems they use, and because of the trust we have gained from them in our knowledge and expertise, we have been able to support them well and thus comply with the new Customs regulations in the Netherlands.”

Additional BluJay customers commented about the migration:

FinCo Fuel Benelux B.V. (Marcel Soliman, IT Officer):
“Gulf Bunkering is a bunker supplier of various high-quality fuels; because Gulf also bunks seagoing ships, these deliveries are registered with the Tax and Customs Administration/ Customs before they start. The skippers of Gulf already used an existing online system with a list of ships and a submission form. Data were sent to the well-known e-mail address of the Tax and Customs Administration/ Customs. With the arrival of the more complex Single Window for maritime and air, we looked for a partner who could connect this to our system. After a quick and short consultation with the skilled people of BluJay about the interface, we were up and running within two weeks.”

De Koperen Ploeg (Ben van den Berg, CFO):
“In December 2017, we started the pilot to switch to the Single Window for maritime and air, using Arrival at Exit and the Ships Provisions Notification, and by maintaining intensive contact, the implementation for the Arrival at Exit went quite smoothly. It was a bit more work to get Ships Provisions Notification in order, but it is now running smoothly. The system is running well and there are not many failures; all in all, we are satisfied with the transition, both in terms of software and in communication with each other.”

Kappé Logistics B.V. (Alain van der Velden, declarant):
“The new system is clear and user-friendly, and we have also received perfect guidance with regard to the implementation of the Customs Management – Supply System and with regard to the creation of the first declarations, which therefore went without any complications.”

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