Customers Sing about BluJay

You made it to our testimonials page! You like what you’re reading, but you want to hear from someone else, right? We get it. Our customers say it better, anyway. This is their journey with BluJay.

We elevated multiple TMS providers, but the BluJay Solutions product was by far the most outstanding in terms of functionality. And the advantages of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model over the on-premises solutions were clear. It provided the best overall value proposition and the visibility we needed.

Rick Gaynor Contech

BluJay’s technology and global presence have been critical in supporting our growth. We work with their teams in the U.S., Asia and Europe where BluJay’s local domain expertise has been a significant and valuable addition to the technology.

John Magee Crane Worldwide

Since we have every piece of information from order to delivery, we can figure out how to better serve our customers. Customers are driving the way we do business. In order to exceed their expectations, we have to go from cow to customer. We need to be able to see, manage, and measure by automating our entire transportation process using BluJay’s Transportation Management.

Heidi Henderson Hood

From the point of orders being placed, we have already saved 24 hours on order processing because it is all done in real-time. Account data is more accurate and we have better control of work in progress. Our customers have also seen a significant increase in the speed of our service.

Head of Logistics JD Williams

Upon implementation of the BluJay Solutions software, we have seen an immediate increase in the speed with which we process packages as well as an increase in our capacity to do so. Costs to process these orders have decreased as well.

Kichler Lighting

The BluJay solution supports the trading of our entire franchise network, yet none of the involvement of a third party system. Suppliers find the system simple to use and the integration with Mothercare’s own systems takes place seamlessly, behind the scenes, which is exactly the way it should be done.

Enterprise Architect Mothercare

Our ability to quickly integrate BluJay’s software with our system has resulted in significant efficiency and quality gains which directly benefit our customers, our business users of the system and ultimately the bottom line for National Instruments.

IT Section Manager National Instruments

The BluJay Transportation Management solution helps us improve our bottom line because it lets us tender to the lower cost carriers first. It also helps improve customer service because it streamlined our entire supply chain process.

Corporate Logistics Manager Newark

The BluJay Solutions multimodal transportation platform has allowed us to see a 15% reduction in our cost per pound, excluding the cost of fuel.

General Manager Sargento

BluJay Solutions is recognized as the UK’s ‘industry-standard’ process for management of a direct-dispatch supplier chain.

Warehouse Operations & Logistics Director Scotts & Co.

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