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BluJay University

BluJay creates software that is user-friendly and easy to navigate, but it’s also robust in functionality. You might be saying, “I don’t want to buy a sports car and only drive it 35 miles an hour.” Don’t worry, you won’t. Our BluJay University training program is top-notch and designed to ensure you maximize the benefit of your investment. Two of our trainers have been teaching for more than 20 years-they are experts in supply chain software. At BluJay University, supply chain management and freight movement theory combine with functionality and thought leadership in expert-led courses available for all levels of users.

We understand that everyone learns differently. Some people prefer to be in a classroom setting and others enjoy learning online. You can sign up for on-site or virtual courses, advanced or custom, self-paced or instructor-led. BluJay is committed to customer success. We want your team to have the best training so they can soar to new heights with our solutions.

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How BluJay University Delivers Value to Your Organization

  • Technology – deeper, broader understanding for faster ROI and efficiency
  • Collaboration & Flexibility – adaptable training programs to meet specific needs
  • Visibility – broader feature/function knowledge to realize potentially hidden savings
  • Efficiency & Scalability – increased efficiency in roles yields ongoing ROI and agility to handle new challenges
  • Employee Motivation – additional comprehension provides advancement opportunities and increased efficiency
  • Financial Benefits – expanded, efficient use of solutions reduces technology and transportation costs

Course Schedule

To view the catalog and course schedule and to Enroll in the classes please visit our Learning Management System at